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Chazelles wood burning and Pellet stoves

About Chazelles

Chazelles is a family business that set up in 1979, with just 9 employees, in Chazelles, Charente (16), where fine-quality light golden local stone has been mined and dressed for centuries.

Recognised for its expertise in the design of customised fireplaces, Chazelles manufactures and distributes complete heating systems combining aesthetic considerations with high energy and environmental performance.

On the company’s vast Chazelles site, stone dressers work alongside latest generation digitally controlled machinery.


Thanks to its strong development, the company has been able to invest in a new production plant increasing its total surface area from 12,000 to 20,000 m² and to equip itself with new high-performance tools and systems that optimise production, enable recycling of waste, and improve working conditions for its teams.

 The company presently covers 7 hectares, comprising production site, R&D office, testing laboratory, engineering office, administrative departments, and 1000-m² warehouse, and has a total of 130 employees. Today, it is taking on fresh impetus, putting innovation and design at the heart of its development strategy.

The Marble Warehouse are proud to be the official U.K Distributors 

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